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Dayens Menuetto chosen for a Ezvid Wiki: Top 10 Class AB Amplifiers of 2018

We are happy to announce that our integrated amplifier Menuetto has received another recognition. Popular website EZVID Wiki has selected Menuetto as one of the "Top 10 Class AB Amplifiers of 2018" (#4).
You can view the Wiki and video at this url:
We are happy to quote last sentence from Editor's Notes: "Serious audiophiles should consider the Dayens; like all their stuff, it's of absolute premium quality."

December 2018

Dayens Menuetto Review - French

French review of Menuetto

It's our great pleasure to share short, but descriptive, review of our Menuetto integrated by French Audio-Video Maniac blog! Here is the translation to English by courtesy of our distributor Mr. Neil Clowes.

September 2016

Ampino Mono user feedback on AudioCircle forums

Our Monoblocks received very nice feedback from happy owner in topic on AudioCircle forums.
In short: "Anyways, Wow! With a good source, these amps rock!".

April 2016
User feedback on Ampino Mono on AudioCircle

French distributor

We are happy to announce that NC Audio has been appointed as our distributor for France.
This home of the finest audio equipment has expanded it's portfolio with our products and gave us flattering introduction on the website. We are grateful for impressive introduction and kind words.

March 2016

Dayens Grande Mini Review on YouTube!

Video review of Grande Mini

It's our great pleasure to share video review and very informative bonus video of our Grande Mini loudspeakers by Zero Fidelity! We hope that you will enjoy watching as we did!

February 2016

Menuetto in Top 5 Picks by Zero Fidelity!

With great pleasure we share first news in 2016. Menuetto was chosen as one of the Top 5 Picks of 2015 by Zero Fidelity!

January 2016
Menuetto one of Top 5 Picks of 2015 by Zero Fidelity

UK distributor

LW Audio from UK just confirmed distribution. We are very happy to know that they find our products outstanding. As usual you can find more details on our contact page.

Decembar 2015

Dayens in the Netherlands

We are pleased to announce new distributor - HiFi Matters. Cooperation started with great feedback and impressions on our amplifiers. Contact details of our new distributor can be found on our distributor list.
December 2015

Ecstasy III review

Ecstasy III review by Stereo i Kolorowo - Underground

It's our great pleasure to inform you about enthusiastic Polish review of our integrated Ecstasy III. Quote from conclusion:
"It's one of the best amplifiers with which I have dealt in the price range of about 10000PLN. I would recommend necessarily listen!".

October 2015

Dayens in Romania

We are happy to announce new cooperation with Romanian company AudioStereo. Dayens products are now available in our neighboring country. Contact details of our new distributor can be found on our distributor list.
July 2015

Menuetto & Ampino part of integrated shootout

Our products received very favorable comments in this shootout.
Enjoy reading:
RESULTS - Integrated Shootout with LSiM703 (Menuetto & Ampino).

July 2015
Menuetto & Ampino part of integrated shootout

Dayens Ampino, upgraded Ampino, and Menuetto Review on YouTube!

First video review of Dayens products:
Dayens Ampino, upgraded Ampino, and Menuetto Review!

It's our great pleasure to share first video (YouTube) review of our products! Really worth watching and if you like it as we do, share it.

June 2015

A Day in the Life with Dayens
Menuetto & Grande Mini review

Very interesting (and very positive) review of our products by Mr. David Ambramson published on The Stereo Times.
Another confirmation of quality and craftmanship.
Enjoy reading:
Dayens Menuetto Integrated and Grande Mini Loudspeakers.

January 2015

Latest Ampino user review

This is why we like to make great and affordable audio products:


Ampino user review by Mr. Dan Hernadez, USA


Ampino amplifier

Ampino stereo power amplifier review now online on!

Now you can enjoy reading review of our smallest power amplifier Ampino on German portal Dayens Ampino - performance athlete (online translate).
Some quotes from review (translated by online translation tool since review is on German): "The Ampino sounds namely by far more power than it's there. Unless you hear it, you won't believe it. During this test I had no problem pairing it with nice floorstanding speakers. Somehow the little one was still able to produce powerful adult tones.
Playback is tonally perfect, resolution, stability of the stage and all the musical illustration in the room is more than impressive. What more could you say? In this price range is the best thing I've come across so far."

April 2014

Menuetto listening impressions on Norwegian forum hifiSentralen

Our Norwegian distributor provided Menuetto for user reviews to forum members of hifiSentralen. Feedback and impressions are very positive. Read and enjoy yourself: (online translate).

April 2014

Dayens Ecstasy IVse preamp at Ploish AudioShow 2013

Tizo and Grande Mini reviewed by Stereo i Kolorowo - Underground!

We are pleased to share great Polish review of our speakers Tizo and Grande Mini.
Quote from introduction (translated by online translation tool since review is on Polish): "Dayens is an example of a company acting outside the mainstream audio, their Hi-Fi equipment is a niche, because manufactured in a small factory in short bursts - thus are less known to audiophiles. However, anyone who had contact with devices with the logo Dayens know that they offer a sound that you can specify with one, but very appropriate word - a cult. And not in the formulation or exaggeration."

March 2014

Ampino stereo power amplifier reviewed by German magazine EinsNull

It is our great pleasure to inform you about the review of our stereo power amplifier Ampino. Ampino stereo power amp was praised for it's unparalleled price/performance ratio.

Dayens at Hi-Files Show 2013

For previous news, reviews and received awards please visit our news archive.

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