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We all know that cables in audio system have to fulfill strict demands.
By our opinion, most important characteristic in one audio system is its natural reproduction.
As closer to natural sound as better. That is our wish and our goal.

Concerning above mentioned, after years of trying and experimenting with different cables we have designed and manufactured our In ViVo interconnect and loudspeaker cables and achieved very natural reproduction.

Our cables are handmade and they can be ordered only terminated.

User feedback:

"The new interconnects replaced some top-level brand rca cables that I used previously.  I've been listening to the new InVivo's with them connected between an HRT Music Streamer II and Ampino (love that amp!) to drive a pair of Axiom w22 speakers.
Upon installing the new interconnects I immediately noticed 2 things - a blacker noise floor that was far quieter than when using the first cables, along with noticeably airier, better resolved highs.  The overall presentation in my room seems to have far more resolution and depth while being deeply musical.  I was frankly surprised at the level of difference the interconnects made, you can easily tell that these cables were made to be a perfect match with the Ampino.  You can consider me to be highly satisfied - these cables are obviously quality interconnects, sound great, and they were worth the wait.

Pictures and more details coming soon.


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