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Ampino amplifier 

Ampino stereo power amplifier review now online on!

Now you can enjoy reading review of our smallest power amplifier Ampino on German portal Dayens Ampino - performance athlete (online translate).
Some quotes from review (translated by online translation tool since review is on German): "The Ampino sounds namely by far more power than it's there. Unless you hear it, you won't believe it. During this test I had no problem pairing it with nice floorstanding speakers. Somehow the little one was still able to produce powerful adult tones.
Playback is tonally perfect, resolution, stability of the stage and all the musical illustration in the room is more than impressive. What more could you say? In this price range is the best thing I've come across so far."

April 2014

Menuetto listening impressions on Norwegian forum hifiSentralen

Our Norwegian distributor provided Menuetto for user reviews to forum members of hifiSentralen. Feedback and impressions are very positive. Read and enjoy yourself: (online translate).

April 2014

Dayens Ecstasy IVse preamp at Ploish AudioShow 2013 

Tizo and Grande Mini reviewed by Stereo i Kolorowo - Underground!

We are pleased to share great Polish review of our speakers Tizo and Grande Mini.
Quote from introduction (translated by online translation tool since review is on Polish): "Dayens is an example of a company acting outside the mainstream audio, their Hi-Fi equipment is a niche, because manufactured in a small factory in short bursts - thus are less known to audiophiles. However, anyone who had contact with devices with the logo Dayens know that they offer a sound that you can specify with one, but very appropriate word - a cult. And not in the formulation or exaggeration."

March 2014

Ampino stereo power amplifier reviewed by German magazine EinsNull

It is our great pleasure to inform you about the review of our stereo power amplifier Ampino. Ampino stereo power amp was praised for it's unparalleled price/performance ratio.

Dayens at Hi-Files Show 2013 

Dayens Ecstasy IVse preamp at Ploish AudioShow 2013 

Dayens at Polish AudioShow 2013 in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce new distributor in Poland and very successful start. GFmod Audio Research used our Ecstasy IVse preamplifier as part of the very natural and musical system which was, according to critics and visitors, one of the best systems at the show. (Other our products were on display.)

November 2013

Dayens at Hi-Files Show 2013 in Belgrade

It was a great pleasure to be part of our 10th domestic audio show by Hi-Files magazine. We had great time and nice talk with colleagues and visitors. We demonstrated very natural and musical system composed of Ecstasy III, Grande Mini and In ViVo II cables. Pictures can be found at our Facebook page.

November 2013
Dayens at Hi-Files Show 2013 

Dayens Ecstasy IVse at Elitexpo

Dayens at Elitexpo 2013 Spain

We are pleased to inform you that our Ecstasy IVse preamplifier was part of the system playing in BelAudio's room (our Spanish distributor)  at Elitexpo in Madrid. (Other our products were also demonstrated with very good feedback.). You can find pictures at our Facebook page.

October 2013

Ecstasy III reviewed on 6moons!

We are pleased to share another great review about Dayens sound. 6moons publisher, Mr. Srajan Ebaen, found our best integrated to date Ecstasy III to sound:
"The Ecstasy III was expertly, beautifully and sophisticatedly voiced...
Here the core appeal is sweet, slightly soft and mellow, warm and distinctly not dry plus very spacious without being ultra specific about it...
Referring to my Ampino review, I'd wager a guess that in a direct A/B the Ecstasy III would primarily trump the li'l guy with richer more glowing tone textures and as such a richer overall milieu with more 'wetness' and refinement...

In short, it's been voiced to sound beautiful rather than ultimately dynamic and energetic. Considering the majority of likely speakers it'll be mated with, that would appear to have been a deliberate and well-informed decision."

August 2013

Menuetto & Tizo Mikra

New pictures of our products

We are pleased to announce new photos of our products. For start we have updated photos of Menuetto and Tizo Mikra
June 2013

Stereo i Kolorowo Underground review of Ampino from 2012

Our friend recently stumbled upon Polish review of Ampino of which we were not aware. Since it's new for us we decided to inform you about it. You can find it here. Although it's on Polish it can be translated to desired language using online translator.

April 2013

Menuetto reviewed in Hi-Files

Leading Serbian hi-fi and home theater magazine has published review of our Menuetto in latest issue 52. They say:
"Menuetto was made by people who themselves are quality sound and music lovers, which is heard from every tone. (Serbian: Menuetto su pravili ljudi koji su i sami zaljubljenici u kvalitetan zvuk i dobru muziku, što se jasno čuje u svakom tonu.)"

March 2013

Dayens products available in Portugal and Spain

We are pleased to announce new distributor of our products in Portugal and Spain. Please check our distributor list for BelAudio contact details.

We are looking for distributors in other countries, so if you are interested feel free to contact us.

For previous news, reviews and received awards please visit our news archive.

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