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Ampino Mono front

"I found the Ampino amplifiers to be well balanced, detailed, refined, and yet never boring or stodgy. These amps have the ability to engage the listener for extended period of time, and perform at a level that is typically reserved for products that sell for significantly more. ..."
John Hoffman, Positive Feedback

Ampino Monoblocks

"Anyways, Wow! With a good source, these amps rock!" AudioCircle Topic: Dayens Monoblocks 

Ampino Monoblocks

Product highlights:
• 150VA toroidal transformer
• German made Audio Grade Power electrolytic capacitors
• Mundorf MCap® ZN tin foil input capacitors
two pairs of Japanese (bipolar) output transistors per channel

Power (Watt):
50 / 8 Ohm
100 / 4 Ohm
Input (RCA):
Frequency response (Hz):
4Hz - 200kHz
SNR (dB):
Dimensions (mm):
Weight (kg):


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